In summer 2012, New Line Theatre, "the Bad Boy of Musical Theatre," created a new side identity called New Line Theatre Off Line, to be a framework for the New Line actors to explore other music and theatre projects, including New Line’s own unique brand of adult cabaret, musical improv, and other kinds of performance opportunities, as well as master classes, workshops, and more, headed up by New Line actor and Associate Artistic Director Mike Dowdy.

To kick off the new project and raise seed money, the New Liners hosted the fundraiser THAT 70s GAMES SHOW, a live 1970s-style game show (with apologies to Match Game), with contestants from the audience and the New Liners as "celebrities." St. Louis Post-Dispatch theatre critic Judith Newmark and New Line artistic director Scott Miller joined the "celebrity" panel, with Dowdy as game show host. The other panelists included veteran New Line actors Zachary Allen Farmer, Nicholas and Amy Kelly, Taylor Pietz, Kimi Short, Brian Claussen, and New Line choreographer Robin Michelle Berger.