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Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre Terms and Definitions
May I Have a Definition?

George M. Cohan, Inventor of the American Musical
Shoot the Storyteller in the Neck
Life is Like a Musical Comedy
Crazy for the Red, Blue, and White

The End of Rodgers & Hammerstein
But That Was Once Upon a Time
I've Never Felt So Bare

Black Musical Theatre History
Fascinatin' Rhythm

Finishing the Fucking Hat

The New Golden Age of Musical Theatre
And You're Shining Like the Brightest Star
See, I've Got a Vision
The State of the Art
One Day More to Revolution
The Time-Honored Way the Game is Played
Who Am I?
It's Today!

The Neo Musical Comedy
Shoot the Storyteller in the Neck
Sweet Understanding
Welcome to the Renaissance

The Neo Rock Musical
Gonna Take Control and Rock Your Soul
Those Magic Changes

The New Movie Musical
The New Movie Musical

Respect for Musicals
Crazy for You
That's How to Throw a Party
No Shit, Bucky Beaver
Sweet Understanding
Crazy for the Red, Blue, and White
Welcome to the Renaissance

Acting in Musicals
I Wouldn't Change a Thing About It
Welcome to the Renaissance

Choreographing a Non-Dance Number in a Musical
Causing a Commotion

Musicals and Human Connection
Connect, George

Directing Musicals
Soda Pop and Ritalin
Searching in the Dark
Nothing Can Touch This
One More Vivid Verbal Picture
The Information Age of Hysteria
Causing a Commotion
Welcome to the Renaissance

Emotion in Musicals
I Went Where the Music Took Me
Wandering Through the Wilderness

The Lie of Escapism
The Dark I Know So Well

Musicals and Shakespeare
Brush Up Your Shakespeare
Milan, I'll Lick You Yet

Musical Theatre Script Collections
Into the Words

Musicals and Star Trek
The Intersection of Star Trek and Musical Theatre

Musicals and Storytelling
The Dark I Know So Well
I Went Where the Music Took Me
Someone Tell the Story
Pump Up the Volume

New Line Theatre

About New Line Theatre
I Got the Musical Right Here
And You're Shining Like the Brightest Star
Into the Woods You Go Again
Hold Me, Bat Boy!
We're Lucky to Be Us
Hey, Remember When...?
We Still Have the Magic
Defying Gravity
Time and Music Make a Song
Swaggy and Unexpectable
Fuck the Fourth Wall
It is the Music of the People

New Line's Celebrity Endorsements
"New Line Theatre Is Saving the Musical."

New Line Year-End Poems
'Twas a Year Full of New Line, 2013
'Twas a Year Full of New Line, 2014
'Twas a Year Full of New Line, 2015
'Twas a Year Full of New Line, 2016
'Twas a Year Full of New Line, 2017
'Twas a Year Full of New Line, 2018

New Line and the History of Our Art Form
I'm Young and Scrappy
This World Will Remember Us

New Line and Sondheim
You're On to Something, Bobby

New Line's Honor from the St. Louis Theater Circle
No Other Path, No Other Way

New Line's Casting Philosophy
I Believe

Artistic Director Scott Miller's Musical Theatre Background
Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, and Musicals
Suddenly There is Meaning
Portrait of a Boy
And as for Fortune and-as-for-Fame
Only By Attempting the Absurd Can You Achieve the Ridiculous
Funny Girl, Whistle, and Fiddler, Oh My!

Specific Musicals and Songs

American Idiot
Anyone Can Whistle's "Simple"
Assassins and Hamilton
bare (2012 revival)
Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
The Blue Flower
Bonnie & Clyde
The Book of Mormon
La Cage aux Folles (2010 revival)
Camelot's "Simple Joys of Maidenhood" and "The Lusty Month of May"
Chicago - A Video Glossary
Cop Rock
Cradle Will Rock (1999 film)
Fame (film)
Floyd Collins (research)
Follies (2011 revival)
42nd Street
Grease's "Those Magic Changes"
Grease Live on TV
Grey Gardens
Hamilton and Hip-Hop Musicals
Man of La Mancha's "The Imposssible Dream"
Lysistrata Jones
Merrily We Roll Along
Les Misérables and God
The Music Man Glossary
No, No, Nanette
Pippin (2013 revival) #1
Pippin (2013 revival) #2
Rent (2011 revival)
The Rocky Horror Show #1
The Rocky Horror Show #2
Rocky Horror's "Science Fiction Double Feature"
The Scottsboro Boys
Show Boat's "Ol' Man River"
Sunday in the Park's "Finishing the Hat"
Two Gents, Next to Normal, Hair, Toxic Avenger (New York trip, 2009)

To read Scott's blog posts chronicling the creative process behind the shows New Line Theatre has produced (he blogs about each show from the first rehearsal through closing night), scroll down to the bottom of the left-hand column on the blog, where you can either search the blog for keywords, or you can choose a particular year to browse.

Other Topics

I Like What I See
The People's Voice
I Wouldn't Change a Thing About It

Adult Language
Bloody and Cursed
Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!

What is Art?
The 7 Lively Arts

I Am Flame and I Am Fire
The Dark I Know So Well
That Moment of Truth

I Believe
God, I Hope I Get It!

Switchblades Laughin' at a Butter Knife
Welcome to the Renaissance

The Fourth Wall
Fuck the Fourth Wall!

When You Help Others, You Can't Help Helping Yourself
It's a Feature, Not a Bug

Funko POP!
Broadway-Themed Funko POP! Figures

The Hero Myth
Wandering Through the Wilderness
The Dark I Know So Well

Order Before Midnight Tonight

The Muny
Muny 101
Suddenly There is Meaning
Meet Me at the Muny

There's a Road We Must Travel

Cave City, Comma, Capital K, Capital Y

No, I Won't Leave Till I Win

The Tony Awards
Jesus, I Just Got to Win

Donald Trump
Attemd the Tale of Donald Trump

John Waters
I Don't Mean to Be Rude

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