Roles and Ranges


our protagonist and, ultimately, the inventor of the Sweet Potato Queens and supreme Queen who reigns on her own parade. Unhappy wife to second husband TYLER, mother to her baby daughter Peep. Her dreams are long-deferred. Loosely based on #1 New York Times best-selling author and SPQ figurehead Jill Conner Browne. Vocal range Mezzo, E5-F#3.

an attractive, timid woman whose sunglasses are tinted rose and who carries a secret. Vocal range C#5-F#3

a brash “good time girl” — and a good time was had by all. Vocal range C#5-F#3

generously proportioned and unhappy with nature’s generosity. Vocal range C#5-F#3

lady-in-waiting to the Queens, their BFF who dreams of someday joining their ranks; doubles in the role of Chinese restaurateur GEORGE WONG without any change in appearance. Vocal range BariTenor, A4-A2

Jill’s live-in mom who sets Jill’s sights low. Vocal range E5-A3

Jill’s “good-looking-and-knows-it” second husband who views Jill as his first wife. Vocal range, BariTenor G4-D3

Jill’s devoted father, who seems detached from his beloved daughter’s plight. Doubles as REPORTER. Vocal range Baritone, E4-G2


Jonathan Harker
The straightforward Englishman devoted to Mina. He is a suave lawyer who travels to Dracula's estate. Male. Age 25 to 35. Vocal range A4-Bb2

Count Dracula
Mysterious, passionate, and seductive. The vampire leader who desires a change of scene in hopes of obtaining fresh blood. Male. Age 40 to 50. Vocal range Ab4-G#2

Mina Murray
Strong, intelligent, and capable of great passion, she is the fiancée of Jonathan. Female. Age 25 to 35. Vocal range F4-A3

Obsessed and insane, but with a conscience underneath. He is Dracula's faithful servant with a meek demeanor. Male. Age 30 to 40. Vocal range C#5-D3

Dr. Jack Seward
A logical and practical director of the local insane asylum. He is a potential suitor of Lucy's. Male. Age 25 to 35. Vocal range F#4-C3

Lucy Westenra
The typical slightly naive, beautiful ingenue who is a loyal friend to Lucy. She is engaged to Arthur, and becomes a sexy vampire. Female. Age 25 to 35. Vocal range G5-A3

Quincey Morris
A simple, good-natured Texan who is always up for adventure. He competes for Lucy's affections. Male. Age 35 to 45. Vocal range F#4-Bb2

Arthur Holmwood
An average, quiet homebody who will fight when pushed. He becomes engaged to his childhood love, Lucy. Male. Age 30 to 45. Vocal range F#4-C3

Professor Van Helsing
Experienced in the strange and obscure, he is charismatic and intellectual yet has strong emotions and is a born leader. Male. Age 40 to 50. Vocal range G4-Bb2

Ensemble: 3 Vampire Girls; Staff; Mourners; Maids

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