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The Riverfront Times

is an artistic triumph!" BroadwayWorld

is a musical blast! . . . fascinating, riveting . . .  gripping, gritty stuff."
Ladue News

"Bursts with passionate performances, an expressive score and combustible conversations."
Belleville News Democrat

"This cast is ridiculously talented. Id be happy to watch a production with any one of these fine actors,
but all eight at once is a must-see event." Critical Blast

"Great moments emerge again and again. . . There's really no shortage of compelling performances."


When my boy was young, I told him Son,
Ill keep your monsters on the run.
Hed feel so safe, and fall asleep in my arms.
His bodyd grow so warm so quick,
Id heat my heart with him, and think
Of ways to keep my baby safe from harm.
But now I turn around, surprised to see
That the monster he had feared is me.
What I tell myself
To get to sleep at night,
Whats done is done,
We saved a million lives,
So why cant I sleep at night?

The greatest moral dilemma humans have ever faced now as a powerful, new rock musical in its regional premiere.


New Line continues its 25h season with the exhilarating and provocative new rock musical ATOMIC, based on the true story of the creation of the atomic bomb. With book and lyrics by Danny Ginges, and music and lyrics by Philip Foxman, this powerful rock musical blasts open the doors of The Manhattan Project, a government-funded program of top scientists with the task of creating the world's first Atomic Bomb.

The New Line cast includes Zachary Allen Farmer as Leo Szilard, Ann Hier as Trude Weiss, Jeffrey M. Wright as Robert Oppenheimer, Reynaldo Arceno as Enrico Fermi, Ryan Foizey as Arthur Compton, Larissa White as Leona Woods, Sean Michael as Edward Teller, and Victoria Valentine as Mae. The show will be directed by Scott Miller and Mike Dowdy, with music direction by Jeffrey Richard Carter, scenic and lighting design by Rob Lippert, costume design by Sarah Porter, and sound design by Benjamin Rosemann.

Its 1939 and the Free World is fighting for its life. Heading the charge is Leo Szilard, a brilliant scientist torn between the woman he loves and his need to beat Germany to the bomb. As the war draws to a climax, ethics, scientific progress, and love are tested as Leo discovers exactly what hes capable of. The show rips the scab off one of the most difficult questions in our national history. The creation of the bomb was one of the most consequential events in world history, one of the greatest collaboration of human minds ever, and the most lethal weapon ever devised by mankind. It ended World War II when dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing and maiming hundreds of thousands of people. Should we have used it? Should we have built it?



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