"The coolest theatre in town." – John Waters, filmmaker and cultural terrorist

"Reinventing the way we perceive musicals." – Steve Allen, Stagedoor St. Louis

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“Really good, well done adult theatre at New Line that nobody else really attempts here in St. Louis.”
– Harry Hamm, KMOX

“The kind of experience that absolutely defines modern musical theatre.”
– Chris Gibson, BroadwayWorld

“Musical theatre for audiences who think that musicals can't be hip.”
– Judith Newmark,
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“The sort of opportunity that musical theater lovers pray for, and then travel great distances to indulge in.”
– Dennis Brown,
Riverfront Times

Daring, provocative, muscular theatre
about politics, sexuality, race, religion,
the media, and more, offering an
up-close-and-personal alternative to the
big, commercial musical theatre of
New York and Broadway tours, since 1992.

“If you want to see a show and feel like you're in New York or Chicago, go see a show at New Line.”
– Christopher Reilly,
The Patch

“You won’t find a more daring, unexpected or entertaining evening of theater anywhere else in Saint Louis.”
– Steve Allen, Java Journal

“New Line puts on performances that Stages St. Louis and The Muny wouldn’t dream of doing.”
Alive Magazine

“So weird. So smart. So shocking. So entertaining.”
– Judith Newmark,
St. Louis Post-Dispatch



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in the new Marcelle Theater in Grand Center

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October 2015


March 2016


Opens June 3, 2016


Opens Aug. 12, 2016




"Twenty-five years ago Scott Miller founded New Line Theatre, the only professional company in St. Louis (aside from The Muny) dedicated to producing a full season of musicals. And not just musicals — rock musicals. While Miller enjoys the classics from the Golden Age of Musicals such as South Pacific and My Fair Lady, his real loves are the more modern shows about sexuality, the counterculture and the freaks, geeks and weirdos living on the front lines of the culture wars. He likes his shows loud, fast and a little crass, but he also wants a musical that has something to say about who we are and what's happening right now. Give Miller Hair and he'll show you the spirit of renewal that powers the world; give him Bat Boy and he'll show you the monster hiding inside you."
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“You might say [artistic director Scott Miller] is in the business of changing people’s minds: about shows they thought they hated, about subjects they didn’t think could be sung about, about the musical form itself. The key to Miller’s success may be that what has guided him above all is his willingness to have his own mind changed, even occasionally blown.”
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